Before you may place a deposit on one of our Great Pyrenees puppies, we do ask that you fill out a "Buyer Questionnaire". We take the task of breeding our incredible Great Pyrenees livestock guardian dogs very seriously & want to make every effort to get to know potential puppy buyers before choosing their new homes.  The questions we ask will help us learn more about you & why you want a Great Pyrenees, as well as determine whether this is the right breed for you.  Please download/complete our short questionnaire and we will get back to you within 24 hours. Visits to our farm to meet us and our Pyrs are strongly encouraged and can be arranged!

Interested in a puppy? Here's the process:

1. Please visit our "Application/Deposit" page to complete our Buyer Questionnaire.

2. We will review your application and contact you within 24 hours.

3. When approved, you will head back over to "Application/Deposit" for instructions on submitting your deposit; this will hold your puppy until pickup.

***Also, while you are waiting for us to review your application please read over our "Sales Terms & Health Guarantee"***