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Updated Dec 2020

PLEASE NOTE: We reserve the right to cancel reservations on kids. Until the kids are born, you can only evaluate the genetic potential of those kids. Once born, we evaluate each kid and then decide if the animal is worthy of carrying our herd name into your herd. 


Buckling Kids: All bucklings that don't meet our standards for breeding will be wethered & sold as companion animals. 

Reservations: You can reserve a kid from a specific mating by sending us an email here. You will be notified when the doe freshens and given a choice of kid. After your selection has been made, a non-refundable deposit of $100 (per kid) is due within five business days, otherwise the kid will be offered to the general public.  Click here for more available animals.

Price Ranges:
Does: $500-$800 (ADGA Registered)
Bucks:$400-$600 (ADGA Registered)
Wethers: $250 (discount on pairs)

All does are pasture bred and not confirmed settled

**We reserve the right to retain any kid**

Contact Us to reserve kids from this page.

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